Anna Weber | Small Business Strategy CoachFor over two decades, Anna Weber, the founder of 4-Dimensional Success, has been a participant in helping others gain clarity in their life and business choices, and turn those dreams into profit.  As a Small Business Strategy Coach, Anna designs Motivated Action Plans (MAPs) to change the scope of how business is conducted in order to produce for her clients individualized business models that are perpetual, profitable and sustainable.

Understanding that it is easy to “start” a business in today’s environment, but knowing it is more difficult to build a profitable business that has longevity, Anna works with individuals as well as teaches workshops, serves as a keynote speaker, and provides teleclasses on a global level.

Drawing on what she believes to be four foundational elements of business success, Anna reveals that a successful business is about more than well-crafted mission statements, or fantastic marketing strategies, the products and services we sell… or even writing a business plan. She teaches the process is more about understanding your deepest motivation and vision – and then creating a focused step-by-step MAP (Motivated Action Plan), based on a realistic assessment of your business, your market, and your clients.

Anna’s story, which supports her passion, and reveals her why, is about a journey through the creative world of fashion design, to the poignant support of resolving the estates of those much less fortunate who died in the streets – often without the privilege of funds for a proper burial. Overcome by the sheer sadness of lives adrift and spirits broken, Anna decided her purpose in life would be to work from the “front side” of people’s lives… providing them the tools, the motivation and the courage to life a life without limits.

A rather serious-minded person, Anna brings her own brand of humor and knowledge in her passionate speaking, coaching and mentoring programs. She is well-versed in many topics and can communicate to a diverse population, in a down-to-earth, approachable manner, which allows her to deliver power-packed programs filled with easy-to-remember analogies and touching true stories. Anna is the motivational spirit, underlying small business owners and lifestyle entrepreneurs, and her passion is about starting a fire of belief… belief in self, belief in possibilities, and belief in results based on actions taken and attitudes attained.

Anna is contributor to a highly empowering anthology, Discover Your Inner Strength brings together twenty two contributors, including best-selling authors Stephen R. Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Brian Tracy (Million Dollar Habits), Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager), and Anna Weber (Breakthrough Writing Strategies, Winning the Author’s Inner Game, and {An} Unsinkable Soul: Life as I Know It...)

Ms. Weber’s chapter, The Four Dimensions of Success, is a rich discussion with David Wright, about experiencing four primary mind shifts which allow Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals to develop life skills, supporting her premise that “business success cannot be forced from the inside; it must evolve by first addressing the “inner game” and growing a business that supports core values and a chosen lifestyle.” Weber further believes It is only at that point of congruence – when life and business are in balance that one is free to accelerate his/her success – and draws her readers through not only her motivation for creating 4-Dimensional success, but a glimpse of each of those four dimensions.

Her upcoming publication, Dancing with Greatness: Creating a Life by Your Design, is a colorfully woven story, showing the fabric of a life can, and should be… lived without limits. Her intention is to light a fire in others, challenging them to craft their own compelling vision, produce business models that are perpetual, profitable and sustainable, and live a lifestyle that is rich and in balance.

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